State Flags back up in 2021

    The Alaska State flag being set up. (Photo Courtesy of Travel Juneau.)

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - After their absence in 2020, the 50 state flags along Egan highway have returned atop the streetlights.

    The flags went up Sunday morning.

    News of the North spoke to Longtime Friend of the Flags volunteer Jim Caroll, who said it started with former Juneau Mayor Bill Overstreet when he was in Europe, possibly Switzerland, and saw an avenue of flags. When Overstreet came back from the visit in Europe he had the idea of putting up state flags in Juneau.

    The Flags went up through work from Travel Juneau, who have been recently managing the flags.

    Caroll said of the first flag raising "There were a lot of volunteers at that time. We used a fire truck, the old aerial bucket, to put the flags up."

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