Governor Dunleavy establishes Office of Energy Innovation

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy signed Administrative Order No. 340 last week, creating the Office of Energy Innovation aimed at addressing evolving energy needs in Alaska.

    The Office of Energy Innovation, operating within the Office of the Governor, will develop policies to support the centralization of the state’s efforts to provide safe, sustainable, affordable, and reliable energy resources for all Alaskans.

    The Office of Energy Innovation is formed with the purpose of developing policies that enable Alaska to capitalize on its vast energy potential to lower cost of energy and enhance the stability of energy delivered to Alaskans. The office will collaborate with public and private institutions to develop pragmatic, market-driven solutions.

    The office will assist all communities in accessing innovative technology and necessary funding to secure low cost reliable energy. It was also support efforts that enhance Alaska’s role in a national clean energy future through the development of a strong and responsible critical minerals mining program and the investment in emerging energy technologies.

    “Alaska is an energy giant in all its forms. We’ll continue to be an oil and gas giant, but we are all in for every form of energy – wind, solar, hydro, tidal, geothermal, micronuclear, and hydrogen. The Office of Energy Innovation will coordinate this pursuit of sustainable, dependable, and affordable energy,” said Governor Mike Dunleavy. “From AEA’s electric vehicle charging station plan to the U.S. Air Force this week releasing a RFP for the Eielson Air Force Base micro-reactor pilot program, Alaska has seen a number of exciting developments recently. This is an exciting time for energy and the Office of Energy Innovation will make sure we don’t miss a single opportunity to support Alaska’s energy independence.”

    “Microreactors and modular nuclear reactors are fast approaching market readiness, and with the planned project at Eielson AFB in 2027 Alaska is poised to be an early adopter of this emerging technology,” said Gwen Holdmann, UAF Associate Vice Chancellor. “With this A.O., I am excited to see the Dunleavy administration pull together numerous ongoing and independent activities related to energy planning that impact the future of Alaska. Energy security and planning is an issue that impacts all Alaskans, whether as individuals dependent on a reliable source of energy for electricity and to heat our homes, or as a means to power our state's economy today, and well into the future.”

    The order took effect Friday, and will utilize existing personnel and resources within the Office of the Governor.

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