AK Law’s Consumer Protection Section obtains restitution for Alaska consumers who were denied their rights to return products by Bellissima Cosmetics

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    Anchorage, Alaska (KINY) - Alaska Attorney General Treg Taylor announced on Thursday a settlement with Bellissima Cosmetics.

    Bellissima’s salespeople personally solicited consumers to purchase expensive cosmetic products at the Alaska State Fair, yet Bellissima failed to honor Alaskans’ rights to return these purchases within five days.

    “Alaska’s laws protect consumers in situations where they might be taken advantage of through high-pressure sales tactics,” said Attorney General Taylor. “My office is determined to make sure consumers’ rights under those laws are respected.”

    Consumers who purchased products from Bellissima at the 2022 Alaska State Fair will be able to return devices and unopened cosmetics purchased at the Fair for a full refund or receive $100 from Bellissima Cosmetics under the conditions described below.

    Under Alaskan law, when a representative of a business personally solicits a consumer to make a purchase greater than $10 at a location that is not the place of business of the seller, the seller must give the purchaser written notice that the purchaser can revoke the purchase within five business days.

    At the 2022 Alaska State Fair, Bellissima’s salespeople drew consumers to the Bellissima booth by offering a free facial.

    But during these facials, Bellissima’s representatives solicited consumers to purchase thousands of dollars of cosmetic creams and devices.

    Rather than providing its customers with written notice that they could return their purchases within five days, Bellissima actually provided many consumers with a stamp on their receipt that read, “NO REFUND EXCHANGE ONLY.”

    When a consumer attempted to return the products the day after she bought them, Bellissima refused to accept the return.

    Consumers who purchased more than $10 of products from Bellissima at the State Fair have until Apr. 21 to return unopened cosmetics or set up an appointment with Bellissima to return devices such as light wands.

    Customers who are unable or do not wish to return their products must contact Bellissima by May 6 to obtain their $100 payment.

    As of the date of this release, every 2022 Fair customer for whom Bellissima was able to obtain contact information should have been notified of this settlement by Bellissima.

    If you made a purchase from Bellissima at the 2022 Alaska State Fair and have not been contacted, you should contact Bellissima.

    Even if you cannot present a receipt from the fair, you can obtain a recovery under this settlement if your photo ID matches the information in Bellissima’s records or if you bring the product you purchased at the 2022 State Fair to Bellissima’s store at the Dimond Center in Anchorage with a notarized affidavit that you purchased it at the Fair.

    The Alaska Department of Law’s Consumer Protection Unit became aware of this issue because an Alaskan filed a consumer complaint. To file a complaint about unfair or deceptive business practices, visit https://law.alaska.gov/department/civil/consumer/cp_complaint.html.

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