Guns of Alaska Sitka Salmon Derby Leaderboard

    1st:Charlie Skultka Sr.-36.8lbs

    2nd:Patrick Davis-35.8lbs

    3rd: Keri Gray-33lbs

    4th:Renee Wheat-30.7lbs

    5th:Kevin Maine-30.5lbs

    6th:Kathy Miller-30lbs

    7th:Jared Nelson-29.8lbs

    8th:Aaron Swanson-27.8lbs

    9th: Jameson Doggett-27.5lbs

    10th:Brett Haavig-26.5lbs

    Unofficial update to the total pounds leader board

    1. Riley Bernhardt-195lbs
    2. Keri Gray-151.6lbs
    3.Michael Smith Jr.-136.4lbs
    4. Gary Bernhardt-133.3lbs
    5. Brian LeBlanc-129.6lbs
    6. Mike Pountney-112.6lbs
    7. Rhea Ehresman-109lbs
    8. Seth Charlton-104.7lbs
    9. Aaron Swanson - 95.8lbs
    10. Clarence Boord-92.8lbs











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