Tour operator proposal leads to council discussion

    (Top L-R) Mark Flora, David Kiffer, Sam Bergeron, and Emily Chapel. (Below L-R) Judy Zenge, Dick Coose, Janalee Gage and Mayor Bob Sivertsen.

    Ketchikan, Alaska (KINY) - The Ketchikan City Council discussed Mindfulness Rainforest Adventure that wants to provide tours in Ketchikan.

    Councilman Mark Flora asked about creating a balance for tourism interests and the quality of life for Ketchikan residents, "We are going to have to find the balance.  Who is the tourism economy for?  The people who have been doing it for 30 years?  It is our big economic engine, we hear that all the time.  Is it only the economic engine for those already entrenched in it.  If it is going to be our economic driver to we invite or allow others the opportunity?"

    He supported allowing the new tour.

    The Council also sent a letter to Governor Mike Dunleavy asking him to reinstate the Ocean Ranger program on cruise ships

    Councilmember Jenalee Gage said the program is good for Ketchikan, "In this case, the Ocean Ranger program needs to stay in effect.  It is not the taxpayers paying for it.  It is part of funds from the tour industry.  It also holds people accountable."



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