State says 'no' to Sandy Beach fireworks, CBJ looking into matter

    A view of Sandy Beach on Douglas Island.

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - The CBJ and state are looking into complaints about an annual private fireworks display.

    It's looking like it will be a quiet July 3 this year on Sandy Beach.

    The annual private celebration, held for the last five years on Douglas Island by resident Brett McCurley, has been put on notice by the state that it cannot happen.

    McCurley says he has been told he cannot do the display without a license and insurance. McCurley says he is looking for ways to keep doing the show after complaints arose over a fire that started during a New Year's event.

    According to fire chief Rich Etheridge, a complaint from the state warranted their investigation of McCurley. Etheridge added that McCurley has been in contact with the State Fire Marshal in Anchorage. They are advising him on code issues and required permits.

    "We have meetings occurring this week to evaluate the situation as we currently know it and look at options," Etheridge said. "At this point Mr. McCurley has made no efforts to meet with the local officials. At this point the CBJ Fire Marshal is investigating a public complaint routed through the State Fire Marshals Office, no further action has been taken and no official position has been taken."

    Numerous posts on social media state that Douglas has a long history of July 3 fireworks celebrations.

    Editor's note: This story has been corrected to note that the city is currently holding internal discussions on the matter.


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