Coronavirus drugs approved by FDA

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    Washington, DC (ABC) - The Food and Drug Administration has recently approved a combination of drugs that might be able to treat COVID-19.

    One drug is a popular anti-malaria drug that is also used to treat autoimmune diseases like Lupus.

    The other is commonly known as a Z-pack.

    ABC's Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Jennifer Ashton said there is limited data on whether this would be effective, "In combination with the antibiotic Azythromicin, used together, this emergency use authorization will enable doctors to prescribe hospitalized adults and teens with COVID-19. There's very little data on this."

    The FDA has recently approved a new COVID-19 test that could deliver results quickly - as soon as five minutes.

    "This will enable testing, it's called point of care testing, to be done at urgent care centers, doctors' offices and takes the burden off of sending a specimen to a lab.   It's so important to get that result back quickly - so then we can go through the steps of identify, isolate, diagnose and treat."

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